Allow individually reviewing each AI grammar improvement suggestion

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Currently it's possible to get OpenAI to submit a completely rewritten version of a note, but it's not possible to incrementally evaluate each of the changes that OpenAI would suggest.

It would be much more useful if a plugin were implemented such that:
1. It makes the same call to OpenAI as the default AI plugin, to retrieve a rewritten note in full
2. Diff the received text with the existing note text to produce an array of strings from the original note that changed.
3. Iterate over each of these change locations. For the visited change, use `replaceContent` to replace the existing phrase with a highlighted version of itself, so the user knows which phrase they are considering replacing. Then trigger a popup input dialog asking the user if they want to change the highlighted phrase into the OpenAI suggestion to replace it
4. For each replacement prompt, allow the user to skip/approve the recco, or cancel the replacement iteration loop

Under consideration Suggested by: Bill Upvoted: 23 May Comments: 1

Comments: 1

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