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While I mentioned some general ideas that could allow propagating past tasks to new notes in another suggestion, I think there is a more specific opportunity to create a plugin that would help people make grocery lists. Why build a plugin for such a specific need? Because it is a specific need shared by almost every user. I would love to see a plugin that could be invoked via `noteOption` or `insertText`, and upon invocation, would:

1. Search for the last 2-3 notes that contain the word "grocery", using app.notes.filter
2. Fetch the active and completed tasks for these notes, using `getNoteContent` or a more specific call to fetch tasks
3. Query OpenAI to group together groceries that would be found together within the grocery store. E.g., create a heading for "Produce" that contains all vegetables and fruit todo items
4. Create a note with tasks grouped under headings

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